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Life is not something to be taken for granted, having a gun in your house is very important. However, how do you keep your gun safe from kids and other things like emergency fires? In such compromising situation what you need gun safe! But what kind gun safe would you like to have by your side? I believe that an easy to operate gun safe is what you would definitely want to have to make it easier for you to access your gun and defend yourself and property. But since you are reading this gun safe reviews article, you are among the people who care about their lives and plan ahead for their maximal protection. Reading this review article is an indicator that you do not need just any gun safe but the best gun safe that will offer maximum protection to your gun and other valuables.

The interactive chart below on gun safes and the scrutiny that follows will assist you make a decision on the best gun safe for you that will suit all your security needs.

Everybody has his/her preference on the factors that make a good gun safe to have in their houses or on board while travelling. But in general, everybody wants a gun safe that will offer total protection of their guns and other valuables. It is for this reason that we believe that this gun safe review will assist you in making a more informed decision on what to consider when looking for a gun safe.

Ultimate Gun Safe Reviews Comparison Chart

Encompassed in the table are 7 columns:

  1. Gun safe brand , name/model and image
  2. Body material – the material used to construct the gun safe
  3. Weight – safe gun weight in pounds (lbs)
  4. Gun Capacity – how many guns you can keep
  5. Dimensions – the exterior dimensions of the safe gun in inches in Height x Width x Depth format
  6. Price – these are approximate prices on These prices are subject to change at any time based on such factors as special promotional offers, availability, among others. But in general, $ = under $100, $$ = $101to $500, $$$ = $501 to $1000,
  7. Rating – the average user rating on
Gun Safes Model
Body Material
Weight (lbs)
Gun Capacity

Stack On FS14MB E14 Gun Resistant Electronic
Steel 30555 x 19 x 20.25$$$4.0
Gun Vault Speed Vault SV500 Gun Safe18-gauge steel8.213 x 3.5 x 6.5$$4.5
Sentry Safe GM2459E Electronic 24 Gun Capacity Steel 25659 x 28.3 x 24.2$$$3.9
Stack On F24 MGC24 Gun Resistant Combination Steel 45629.25 x 20 x 4.5$$$4.4
Sentry HDC11E Defense Center CubicSteel 108.446.9 x 8.8 x 8.8$$4.4

You can click on any of the links given in the ‘Gun Safe Model’ column to see pricing ratings of the gun safes before you make the decision on what to buy

There are numerous manufacturers and models of gun safes and it is quite challenging to list all the gun safes available in the market in this one gun safe review chart. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed of getting a gun safe depending on your budget and purpose of the safe because the safes available can meet every individual’s personal needs.

Most of the gun safes included in this gun safe review is those that have been rated most effective by their past users based on their high quality materials used to manufacture them and their ease of operation. As a matter of fact, these are some of the most effective factors to consider when selecting a gun safe. On the other hand, there are several other gun safes with varied qualities which will suit you best depending on your specific needs.

Meaning of a Gun Safe

A gun safe is a protective storage holder for one or more guns and other valuables. The gun safes prevent access to unauthorized persons, for burglary protection and to protect the contents against other damages such as fire or flood. Sometimes you can be in a situation that compromises your life and a gun safe can be your life saver. There are different types of gun safes, some with mechanical locks while others have electronic safes. The gun safes have different modes of operations which determine the security of the guns and the ease of accessibility. Thus you have to consider several gun safe features and select the one that will meet all your needs.

5 Best Gun Safe Reviews

Factually, there are countless gun safes available in the market today. The gun safes vary in terms of their capacity, method of operation, weight, size, materials of manufacture, price, etc. In this review content, we have specialized in top five gun safes. Below are our reviews of top five gun safes also contain in the table above.

1. Sentry Safe GM2459E Electronic 24-Gun Capacity

gun safe reviews SentrySafe GM2459EThis safe has 3 steel live locking bolts and 3 dead bolts and it has been tested and approved by the California Department of Justice as a safety device. With a gun capacity of 24, this is among the gun safes with the highest storage capacities making it more suitable for those who want to secure more gun safes. The exterior dimensions of this safe are 59 x 28.3 x 24.2 inches and it weighs about 256 pounds.

Sentry safe GM2459E Electronic 24-Gun Capacity is made of hardened steel which protects it against several damages including drill attack. Its electronic LED lock restrains unauthorized entry and therefore only you and those you allow will have access to the guns and other collectibles contained in the safe. Its interior is fully carpeted protecting your gun even more.

Although you will have to go deeper into your pockets to purchase this safe, those who have used it before have agreed that the safe is worth its price.

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2. Stack On FS14 MB E14 Gun Resistant Electronic

Stack-On 14 Gun gun safe reviewsStack On FS14 MB E14 Gun Resistant Electronic is one of the safest gun safe with the most flexible locking systems. It has a 2-way locking system with a total of 5 locking points; 3-1″ steel live action locking bolts and 2 dead bolts. The electronic lock contains operational lights for low battery, opening, incorrect entry warning. The safe’s batteries can be accessed from the front and the hardened steel behind its lock makes it more secure.

It has 4 adjustable shelves with their interior fully convertible and carpeted. Its fire resistance is up to 30 minutes of 1400°F. The safe has also been tested and approved by California Department of Justice and an independent testing lab known as ETL.

Most importantly, this is a safe that is best for those with long and many riffles. It weighs approximately 305 lbs and therefore it will meet all your security needs for as many riffles as 14! This is among the gun safes with the largest storage capacity

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3. Stack On FS 24 MG C24Gun Resistant Combination

Stack-On FS-24 gun safeThe Stack On FS24 MG C24Gun Resistant combination is one of the safes with the largest storage capacity. With the capacity of 24 guns, the safe has been a favorite for many individuals. It has a 2-way locking; a 1″ steel live action locking bolts and up to 5 locking points. Its four adjustable shelves make it possible for you to customize how to store your weapons based on your needs.

The safe has been tested and approved by ETL to be resistant for up to 30 minutes 1400°F. Its interior is fully carpeted and it is made of drill resistant hardened steel plate. Therefore your firearms will be safe and secure at all times. The safe’s exterior dimensions are 29.25 x 20 x 4.5 inches and it weighs approximately 456 pounds. At a price of $769.99 on, you will own this incredible gun safe.

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4. Sentry HDC11E Defense Center Cubic

Sentry Safe HDC11E gun safeIf you need a safe that will offer total protection to your weapons at home, this is the best safe gun you can get. The electronic locking system of SentryHDC11E Defense Center Cubic allows fast and easy access for your gun when you need it. The safe is designed to hold one long gun and one or two short guns. This home defense safe is solid and sturdy.

At a price of $449 you will have a safe that is unique in both design and appearance. Thus if you have a long gun and a pistol or two and want easy access to the weapons then this is a safe to invest in. This safe weighs only 108.4 pounds and its exterior dimensions are 46.9 x 8.8 x 8.8 inches.

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5. Gunvault Speed Vault SV500 Gun Safe

Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safeGunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe is one of the most reliable gun safes in the market today. The safe is made up of 18-gauge steel that makes it strong, durable and resistant to any sort of damage. Its digital keypad makes it easy to operate and the programmable electronic entry with the physical key backup makes it more reliable. The safe weighs 8.2 pounds and its external dimensions are 13 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches. It comes with a 9V battery and its audio and LED low battery warning will alert you in advance to get prepared in case of low power.

The safe has reviewed a 5-star rating from those who have reviewed it on Amazon and it has proved to be liked by many. At a price of $400, this safe is one of the best for the security of your gun.

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Your Turn

Now that you have gone through different options and reviewed our top five best gun sages. The decision is now yours to pick the best gun safe that meets your security needs, fire resistant, easy to carry around and within your price range.

As you are aware, new gun safes are being made all the time by both new and old players in the industry. For that reason, our comparison chart above is subject to change in order to cater for the new gun safes in the market. Or if you feel like we did not include a superior gun safe that needs to be listed on the list, let me know. You can email me or in the comments below!

Where Can I read More Gun Safe Reviews from Customers?

That’s a good move! The best place to read gun safe reviews from real costumers is the Amazon page for that product. Amazon provides an excellent opportunity to rate and review every item. Before making any purchase decision you should read some customer comments (see what people are saying) and see the rating. Happy Buying!

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